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AMA Sessions

Approaching and being approachable to a larger audience

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are sessions in which the host (a topic expert or a thought leader) can connect to and engage with a large audience (colleagues, employers, project stakeholders) by answering questions in writing in real-time within a defined timeframe, typically not exceeding one hour. The purpose of the AMA session will determine the type of questions and audience to expect.

Use this event to:

  • Show presence and openness to a larger audience.
  • Present or inform about something to a larger audience.
  • Share information and let others enjoy it.
  • Open dialogue and interact with an audience that may not be reachable otherwise. 
  • Receive specific feedback from a larger audience.
  • Explore new avenues of communication.


  • A cast interview of a famous sitcom, Obama’s AMA
  • Launching a key publication or products with main author(s) as speaker(s).

You and other collaborators

  • The host: answers the questions via chat.
  • Moderator: supports organizing questions (if collected in advance). 
  • IT-support: facilitates, manages the technology, records, and downloads the session as a transcript.
  • Communication support: promotes the event, collects questions in advance (if decided), emails participants with follow-up materials, and shares the transcript (edited after consulting the expert or leader) via intranet.


Choose the right platform format for your event: video from speaker(s) only, no webcam or mic enabled for audience. Encourage the collection of questions in advance, before the event, if possible.

Questions to get started

  1. What is the purpose of the AMA?
  2. Who would benefit from participating in the session (as host and as audience)?
  3. Is the identified host open, willing, and prepared to participate in the session?
  4. Will questions need to be collected before the session?
  5. Is the technology you have available fit for the purpose of the event and for the number of participants in your audience?
  6. Does your audience have access to the technology or communication channel required for the event?
  7. How will you measure the success of the event?