Digital Facilitation Toolkit
Design and deliver online events

The Digital Facilitation Toolkit has been created with two purposes: to support the delivery of online capacity-building strategies and to shed light on the different dimensions playing a role when facilitating online.

Library of Online Events

In this library, you willfind a selected list of online experiences with descriptions, key characteristics defining them, links to practical examples and resources, and some questions to get you started. Identify the purpose of your upcoming event and receive recommendations for you to choose from.


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Library of Online Facilitation Methods

In this library, you will find a rich list of online facilitation methods to support you throughout different stages of your capacity-building session. Each method is described through detailed instructions and can be downloaded in PDF format


Meet the human
in front of the screen

We asked facilitators and capacity building professionals to share their stories about online facilitation and learning. Read their tips now.


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Join the facilitation challenge

Test your online facilitation skills with interactive games.
We have designed some scenario-based simulation that you can use to assess your skills and exchange with peer facilitators.