Prototype solutions to complex issues in fast-paced and solution-based experimental hubs

A Hackathon is a collaborative team-based event that brings together participants from interdisciplinary backgrounds to explore new ideas and brainstorm scenarios about complex or pressing issues in any discipline. In this event, an overarching challenge is set and participants in groups are invited and encouraged to come up with ideas for solutions.

Use this event to:

  • Encourage participants to build more complex and well-developed ideas.
  • Boost your participants’ collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity skills.
  • Connect people in a talent pool.


You and other collaborators

  • The host: greets and introduces each of the phases.
  • Mentor(s): encourages, supports, and offers advice.
  • Judge(s): evaluates and selects a final winning team (if your purpose is for the hackathon to be a competition).
  • IT-support: facilitates, fixes, and manages the technology.
  • Communication support: records, documents, and shares media.


Schedule the breaks making sure they won´t disrupt the intense collaborative moments. Rely on interactive support tools and prepare the templates in advance for taking notes during the working time. If several working groups are required, assign a group moderator for each.

Questions to get started

  1. What is the problem to be addressed in the hackathon?
  2. What are the goals to be accomplished in this event?
  3. Who is the target group?
  4. How long should the event last?
  5. Is the technology you have available robust and reliable to host the number of desired participants and accomplish the event’s goals?
  6. Does your target group have access to the technology required for the event?
  7. Does the technology you have available offer key features to support participants and organizers in their respective roles?
  8. How many teams can you and your collaborators handle?
  9. Is the hackathon intended to become a competition?