Learn, train, and participate in interactive and collaborative workspaces around a single goal.

A workshop is a series of interactive sessions where participants gather to delve into a topic, learn, collaborate and co-create. A workshop is planned and structured for one or more experts to be present, provide input and create activities that engage participants and stimulate their thinking. In a workshop, a collaborative environment for participants to feel safe and comfortable when sharing, discussing, and brainstorming with others is vital.

Use this event to:

  • Brainstorm ideas to work on specific projects or solve certain problems. 
  • Promote discussion and problem-solving among participants.
  • Deepen participants’ abilities or skills.


  • A series of workshops including expert inputs and collaborative tasks providing as interactive learning environment as a face-to-face training
  • Single topic workshop to train members/representatives/employees on specific skills and competences

You and other collaborators

  • Expert(s): present the workshop material and suggest activities. This person can also be the facilitator.
  • Facilitator: guides the session from start to end and supports participants to jointly move through the process by challenging and stretching their thinking.
  • Co-Facilitator(optional): shares the role with the facilitator either as equal trainers taking turns to deliver content and lead or as the person in charge of managing the organizational side of the event (e.g., the chatbox, file sharing, group distribution).
  • IT-support: facilitates, manages the technology, and records the session.
  • Communication support: promotes the event and emails participants with follow-up materials and feedback requests after the event.


For series of sessions, ensure distance collaborative tasks to maintain participants’ engagement and motivation. For multiple languages events, make sure you design well the working group activities and make an adequate distribution of breakout rooms tool of your platform.

Questions to get started

  1. What are the potential topic, the goals, and the expectations of the workshop?
  2. How long should the workshop last?
  3. What structure will the workshop follow?
  4. How do your participants need to prepare for the event?
  5. How do your participants need to prepare for the event? Who will offer the workshop?
  6. Is the technology that you have available robust and reliable to host the number of desired participants and accomplish the event’s goals?
  7. Does the available technology offer key features to support participants and organizers in their respective roles?isponible características clave para ayudar a participantes y organizadores en sus respectivas funciones?
  8. What (additional) technological tools are required to support the goal of your event?
  9. Is your audience familiar with the technology and tools that you are planning to use?
  10. How will you measure the success of the event?