15% solutions


15 % solutions is a method that empowers participants individually or at group level to think, reflect and act based on the possibilities and capabilities they possess  at hand in a given situation. The focus is placed on the contribution that individuals or groups can make with the freedom and the resources that they have available, and encourage to shift their mindset from powerlessness to enablement.

Use this method to:

  • Progress at times of impasse, negativism, and sense of powerlessness.
  • Discover people’s individual power and collective power.
  • Reveal bottom-up solutions.
  • Remember unused capacity and resources.
  • Close the gap between knowing and doing.
  • Plan tasks in which individuals are expected to take initiative.
  • Any challenge that requires many people to change to generate success.


  • Duration: 30 min - 1 hour
  • Difficulty Level: Complex
  • Group Size: 21 - 50
  • Level of interaction: High
  • Multilanguage fit: no
  • Preparation Time: Medium
  • Purpose: Knowledge construction
  • Type of Online Events: Workshop,Webinar

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