Needs, Fears and Expectations


The Needs, Fears, and Expectations method is an effective approach utilized by facilitators at the beginning of group processes, to gain valuable insights into participants’ concerns and aspirations in a learning or collaborative setting. By actively acknowledging and addressing these needs, fears, and expectations, facilitators can create an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes engagement and fosters meaningful learning experiences.

Use this method to:

  • Create a safe space for participants to contribute;
  • Understand participants’ perspectives as they are entering your session or workshop;
  • Create opportunities to tailor your sessions in the moment to the needs of your participants, if needed;
  • Create an environment that fosters trust and rapport and increases motivation.


  • Duration: < 30 min
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Group Size: < 20
  • Level of interaction: Medium
  • Multilanguage fit: no
  • Preparation Time: Long
  • Purpose: Access and motivation,Online socialization
  • Type of Online Events: Workshop,Hackaton,Webinar

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