Six Thinking Hats


The Six Thinking Hats method is a powerful tool used by facilitators to enhance group discussions and decision-making processes. Developed by Edward de Bono, a renowned psychologist and creativity expert, this method encourages participants to think from different perspectives, fostering more comprehensive and balanced outcomes. By assigning specific “thinking hats” to different modes of thinking, facilitators can guide participants through a structured and focused discussion, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving.

Use this method to:

  • Foster productive discussions by encouraging balanced thinking
  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Promoto collaborate
  • Encourage sharing multiple perspectives while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere
  • Gain insights by exploring an issue or topic from multiple perspectives


  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Group Size: < 20
  • Level of interaction: High
  • Multilanguage fit: no
  • Preparation Time: Medium
  • Purpose: Development,Information exchange,Knowledge construction
  • Type of Online Events: Workshop,Hackaton,Roundtable session,Webinar

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