World Café


The World Café is a method designed to spread ideas and expand insights through sharing experience informally. Participants rotate around different spaces (virtual tables) and hold open and creative conversations encouraged by a café environment. Each round allows participants to create a web of collective knowledge around a defined topic. In this method, participants are considered sources of wisdom, and creating a constructive context around a table can draw valuable lessons.

Use this method to:

  • Evoke collective knowledge within a group of at least 12 experienced participants.
  • Engage in collaborative problem-solving that cuts across standard constraints.
  • Discover more new insights than with traditional panel presentations, due to its participatory nature.
  • Generate meaningful interaction by limiting hierarchical distinctions.


  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Complex
  • Group Size: < 50
  • Level of interaction: High
  • Multilanguage fit: no
  • Preparation Time: Long
  • Purpose: Knowledge construction,Online socialization
  • Type of Online Events: Workshop,Roundtable session,Corporate town hall

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