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Polling are methods to quickly and easily get feedback from a group of participants about how things are going in an online training session or online event so that it can be adjusted on the go. During the online session, participants are invited to contribute information based on their knowledge, opinion, or choice, using a specific tool.

Use this method to:

  • Facilitate interaction and engagement during training sessions and presentations.
  • Engage all participants and generate discussion.
  • Help participants learn about each other and remind them to respect diversity.
  • Understand groups of participants better in different areas of your interest. 
  • Assess participant’s prior knowledge.
  • Carry out quick check-in and check-out activities.

Steps to apply this method to:


  1. Define the purpose of retrieving information from participants.
  2. Plan the type of information that you will require from participants and draft the type of questions that will be asked e.g. years of experience as a Trainer, level of knowledge on a topic, country of provenance...
  3. Define how the data retrieved will be used e.g. to break the ice and know more the audience, to feed a subsequent presentation...
  4. Identify the moments during the training session where the method suits best.
  5. Identify, select, and test the tool to apply this method.


  1. Brief the participants and explain the purpose of the learning activity and how they can take part.
  2. If using an external polling tool, provide instructions on how to access the poll, how to vote, where the link will appear... better to have instructions ready on a slide.
  3. Launch the poll and read the question out-loud and provide information about how much time is left to answer
  4. Display and share real-time results with the participants.
  5. Comment results and/or pick participants and ask them to further elaborate on their answer and/or ask a guest speaker to comment the results based on the identified purpose of the poll.

Use either a tool embedded in the videoconferencing system or an external link. It's important that the tool generates and displays real-time charts and graphs, providing interesting input for further discussion/presentation.

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