Corporate Town Hall

Enabling dialogue and connections while aligning understandings

A corporate Town Hall is an event that is planned periodically throughout the year to share informationopen dialogue between organization leaders and employees, and initiate and foster connections among people from various parts of the organization. The organization’s culture, values, vision, and goals can be reinforced through this event.

Use this event to:

  • Align the organization to the same strategy or goals.
  • Close the gap between organizational leaders and employees.
  • Build and maintain the organization’s culture.


  • A permanent committee or organizational working group yearly or semestral meeting to share results, future projects, timeline or common goals.
  • A company’s end-of-year town hall to discuss accomplishments from the past year and the roadmap for the future.

You and other collaborators

  • Speaker(s): present information succinctly.
  • Moderator: has a relatable face, runs the meeting, makes sure to keep the sessions on time, and encourages people to ask questions.
  • Co-moderator: assists and supports the moderator during the event’s sessions, for instance, collecting and organizing questions.
  • ITsupport: facilitates, fixes, and manages the technology, and records the event.
  • Communication support: promotes the event, records and documents event’s highlights, emails participants after the event (thanks for attendance, summarizes meeting, asks for feedback), recaps the meeting in more detail via intranet.


Send the materials in advance to all participants and stakeholders. Use standardised forms (for introduction, for feedback and follow-up). Prepare and share minutes or short reports after the event. Consider the interpretation and translation needs (if the case).

Questions to get started

  1. What is the information that needs to be shared in the event?
  2. What size is your organization?
  3. How frequently can this event be planned in your organization?
  4. When (day and time) during the week should the event be?
  5. How long should the event last?
  6. How many speakers will participate in the event?
  7. To what extent will employees’ needs or ideas play a role when planning the event?
  8. How many sessions will be required?
  9. How will you make the event informative, interactive and engaging?
  10. Is the technology you have available robust and reliable for the event?
  11. Do all participants have access to the technology required for the event or activities planned?
  12. Does the technology you have available offer key features to support participants and organizers in their respective roles?
  13. How will you measure the success of the event?